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All New King

All New King

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Introducing a 24 hour limited art drop of King Charles III our ALL NEW KING!!

The government has put aside up to £8 million of public money for official portraits of King Charles to be sent to schools, police stations, courts and councils. Why not save the government that cost and purchase one of these numbered and signed prints to put up in your school, police station, court or council, the proceeds of which will go towards making films in Birmingham?

Each one is printed on A4 Hahnemühle William Turner, is numbered and signed and is a much better piccie of Charlie than the tosh one they’re spending your tax on.

Sales end at 9am BST on Saturday 6th May 2023 and because they’ve got to be printed and signed please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery (will probably be less, but just lowering your expectations!)

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