(Glazed ceramic door sign)

Just come back from a very dispiriting record of Dragon’s Den with my new hand made ceramic ‘SHITTER’ toilet door sign. They were patient at first but Peter Jones wanted to know about production and got cross when I said it takes me about two hours to make each one (not including firing in the kiln) but that I reckon I could get it down to 1.5hrs if I could get my mate Andy to help roll out the clay but I’d have to ask him in a couple of weeks cause he’s in Majorca. Deborah Meaden wanted to know where might stock it and I said Oliver Bonas or the WH Smith’s you get in services and she just said, ‘I’m out’ and kept gesturing off camera for someone to get her a cbd infused elderflower water. Sara and Touker were on their phones the whole time and Steven was great even if all he said was, ‘have you thought about podcast’ but the whole thing unravelled when I tried to demonstrate how easy it was to attach to a door and it snapped in half the moment the drill touched it. I still believe in it and am looking for £650,000 investment for 3% of the business.

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