Butt Plug Vase

(Glazed ceramic vase)

Disgusted at H&M who have been VERY rude and disrespectful, not only refusing to stock my new vase but also banning me from alltheir stores!!! Luckily I have had some traction with Matalan, plus Dunelm said they are going to get back to me but have asked for a business plan that isn’t just an a4 sheet of paper that reads ‘dunelm are great, matalan stinks of piss and dogs, I will make you big profit if you just give me a chance, big prices nice big prices and money in a special bank account, very precious’. If anyone knows someone senior at Anthropologie or John Lewis hit me up in the DMs as they’re next best bet. Can’t believe you can spend weeks putting a pitch together just for some random H&M employee to say it doesn’t fit with their ‘ethos’ and ‘I don’t actually work here I literally just came in to look for some cushion covers’.

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