(A limited edition wanky art book)

Bins is Coptic bound with an exposed, printed spine neatly sandwiched between ‘gay bin bag covers’ – each created with multiple black and holographic foils. Within the 208 text pages lie 78 images of the artist’s favourite bins interspersed with six original paintings of bits of trash, printed across four premium papers (one of which is made from recycled coffee cups).

A riot of colour, texture and literal rubbish, this beautiful, limited-edition book reassesses bins, acknowledging them as beautiful, humble and horrible, able to see the absolute worst of us and carry on regardless. It’s truly wanky stuff!

Each bin comes with its own unique description written by the author when he was drunk. Additional rubbish in Bins includes a foreword by Daisy May Cooper (who went to the BAFTAs wearing a bin bag), a thought-provoking piece by Al Little of Biffa bins and an academic essay on the history of bins by Katrina Navickas, a historian of public space and landscape in the UK.

Only 1000 copies have been made and each one is signed and editioned by the artist.

Bins is published by Hurtwood Press and printed under the direction of the artist in Milan, Italy. All profits will go towards funding Queens Heath Pride in Birmingham.

The rubbish detail:

Dimensions: 200 x 170mm

Weight: 0.69 kg (excluding box)

Papers: Colorplan Hot Pink, Extract Moon, Galerie Gloss, Peregrina Majestic Real Silver, Splendorlux Nero and Extract Pitch

Printed in full colour with both matt and gloss varnish plus nine different foils

Published by Hurtwood Press

Designed by Joe Lycett & Billie Temple

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