little sammy sloth


My pitch for the John Lewis Christmas advert 2021.

Litany - Uh-Huh


My music video directorial debut. I’ve been a huge fan of Litany for years so it was a great honour to collaborate on this pink power party for the absolute banger ‘Uh-Huh’. Also I’m a backing dancer in it lol.

The video was part of the Silver Screenings Selection at the Berlin Music Video Awards 2021.

The song is available wherever you get your songs.

A Painting


Inspired in part by the profound and beautiful film ‘A Portrait of a Lady on Fire’, this short is a deep exploration into the process of the artist, dissecting society around them and reforming it onto canvas. Spinning magic in the mundane and transforming the bleak. Or, it was just Joe fucking about with his camera in lockdown — you decide.